When I first heard about a man selling his life on Ebay, I thought it was quite funny. Then I read his Alife4sale blog, and realized it’s not something to laugh about.

Somehow I can relate to what he was talking about, even though I never lived in Australia or had a wife.  There must be a moment in everyone’s life that one just wants to walk away with nothing but a passport.   Reading the details in his auction saddens me in some unexplainable way. A dog, house, several vehicles and some furniture, is that what our complicated life boils down to??

Now the auction has ended, he started a new blog called 100goals100weeks, in which he listed all the things he plans to do after handing his past to a complete stranger. Some of the goals made me smile. Things like “visit San Francisco” and “dive with the whales” remind me of what I said I wanted to do when I grow up. 

Maybe for the rest of us, it doesn’t need to take an ebay sale to realize some of our childhood dreams. And now is the time to do it…