Sales In The Mail 7/2 (YSL Tribute Sandal)

July 2, 2008

I really want to urge everyone to go take a look at Barneys online store’s shoe section, they’re having unbelievable sale prices (in the $200 -$300 range) on the best-looking shoes.  But their links are totally mixed up – if I click on the Manolo Blahnik Pumamod picture on their website, it’ll lead me to a pair of Givenchy Thong slide.  Not sure what’s going on,  only the newest additions to the shoe page seem to have correct links.  Check out the YSL Tribute Sandal in gold from $790 to $315!  If you’re a lucky size 7.5 or 9, then grab them quickly before J. Lo does!  (Recently saw a picture of her walking down the stairs with the Tribute sandal while carrying her baby.  If you ask me, I would say don’t try that at home!)

I will add some other sale items to this post later today. Stay tuned!

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