We’re Home!!!

July 10, 2008

http://blog.shoppingnotes.com is our new home (well, should have been our home in the first place).

Everything has been moved over and we’ll start publishing in our new location from now on. 

Please come over and check us out!


I was reading some news on the China quake and came across this:

After a man found his wife’s body among the remains of thousands of others that were killed in the quake, he decided he couldn’t just leave her there.  So he tied her body to his, and brought her to a mortuary hours away on a borrowed motorcycle. At least over there her body won’t be exposed to the heat and the coming storms.

If this is not love, I don’t know what is.


China Quake Relief

May 14, 2008

I’ve experienced three or four earthquakes in my life (up to now), but they’re nothing compared to the quake that just took place in China. A lot of my friends donated to the Red Cross for quake relief. If you’d like to pitch in, you can make donation here or to Mercy Corps.

One picture that a friend sent saddens me the most. I apologize for attaching it to the post. But to be honest, I didn’t fully realize what has happened in the last several days until this moment. These kids could have been my family……I’m still at work, but it’s hard to control my tears.