Sales In The Mail 5/28 (Manolo Blahnik Pump, Christian Louboutin Slingback)

May 27, 2008

Barneys public sale starts today. Even though they keep sending me emails about the exclusive, private or public sales they’re having, I don’t feel that motivated to shop from them.

Their website is the most chaotic online shopping site I’ve ever seen, things are displayed in a very “creative” way should I say. Also the same products will keep appearing and disappearing every other day for no good reason. I’ve only shopped from them once and during that one time I tried to contact their customer service for a problem, no one answered my phone calls or emails, for a whole week!

If after reading my complaints you still feel courageous enough to shop from Barneys online store 🙂 , here’re some wearable Christian Louboutin O My Slings in black, magenta and blue (6/18 update, the black and magenta are no longer available).

I also love the Manolo Blahnik Pumamod in red. Despite their dangerous look, these shoes are incrediblly comfortable. I’m waiting for the prices to go down even further (which is not unlikely with the bad economy this year), then maybe I’ll own my first pair of Manoloes!

To get price alerts on anything you want:

You can either do it on the ShoppingNotes front page following these instructions (or refer to Illustrations in my previous post) or using the ShoppingNotes bookmarklet following these instructions (or refer to the step-by-step illustrations I’ve written for Firefox and IE)

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